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Episode 041: Commit This Bit


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FreeBSD moves to Bugzilla

  • Historically, FreeBSD has used the old GNATS system for keeping track of bug reports
  • After years and years of wanting to switch, they've finally moved away from GNATS to Bugzilla
  • It offers a lot of advantages, is much more modern and actively maintained and
  • There's a new workflow chart for developers to illustrate the new way of doing things
  • The old "send-pr" command will still work for the time being, but will eventually be phased out in favor of native Bugzilla reporting tools (of which there are multiple in ports)
  • This will hopefully make reporting bugs a lot less painful

DIY NAS: EconoNAS 2014

  • We previously covered this blog last year, but the 2014 edition is up
  • More of a hardware-focused article, the author details the parts he's using for a budget NAS
  • Details the motherboard, RAM, CPU, hard drives, case, etc
  • With a set goal of $500 max, he goes just over it - $550 for all the parts
  • Lots of nice pictures of the hardware and step by step instructions for assembly, as well as software configuration instructions

DragonflyBSD 3.8 released

  • Justin announced the availability of DragonflyBSD 3.8.0
  • Binaries in /bin and /sbin are dynamic now, enabling the use of PAM and NSS to manage user accounts
  • It includes a new HAMMER FS backup script and lots of FreeBSD tools have been synced with their latest versions
  • Work continues on for the Intel graphics drivers, but it's currently limited to the HD4000 and Ivy Bridge series
  • See the release page for more info and check the link for source-based upgrade instructions

OpenZFS European conference 2014

Interview - Benedict Reuschling -

BSD documentation, getting commit access, unix education, various topics

News Roundup

Getting to know your portmgr, Steve Wills

  • "It is my pleasure to introduce Steve Wills, the newest member of the portmgr team"
  • swills is an all-round good guy, does a lot for ports (especially the ruby ports)
  • In this interview, we learn why he uses FreeBSD, the most embarrassing moment in his FreeBSD career and much more
  • He used to work for Red Hat, woah

BSDTalk episode 242

  • This time on BSDTalk, Will interviews Chris Buechler from pfSense
  • Topics include: the heartbleed vulnerability and how it affected pfSense, how people usually leave their firewalls unpatched for a long time (or even forget about them!), changes between major versions, the upgrade process, upcoming features in their 10-based version, backporting drivers and security fixes
  • They also touch on recent concerns in the pfSense community about their license change, that they may be "going commercial" and closing the source - so tune in to find out what their future plans are for all of that

Turn old PC hardware into a killer home server

  • Lots of us have old hardware lying around doing nothing but collecting dust
  • Why not turn that old box into a modern file server with FreeNAS and ZFS?
  • This article goes through the process of setting up a NAS, gives a little history behind the project and highlights some of the different protocols FreeNAS can use (NFS, SMB, AFS, etc)
  • Most of our users are already familiar with all of this stuff, nothing too advanced
  • Good to see BSD getting some well-deserved attention on a big mainstream site

Unbloating the VAX install CD

  • After a discussion on the VAX mailing list, something very important came to the attention of the developers...
  • You can't boot NetBSD on a VAX box with 16MB of RAM from the CD image
  • This blog post goes through the developer's adventure in trying to fix that through emulation and stripping various things out of the kernel to make it smaller
  • In the end, he got it booting - and now all three VAX users who want to run NetBSD can do so on their systems with 16MB of RAM...


  • All the tutorials are posted in their entirety at
  • Send questions, comments, show ideas/topics, or stories you want mentioned on the show to
  • If you want to come on for an interview or have a tutorial you'd like to see, let us know
  • The DNSCrypt tutorial has been updated to reflect the newest version
  • There were some more serious OpenSSL security problems, make sure your systems get patched as soon as possible
  • Watch live Wednesdays at 2:00PM Eastern (18:00 UTC)

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