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Episode 049: The PC-BSD Tour


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FreeBSD foundation semi-annual newsletter

  • The FreeBSD foundation published their semi-annual newsletter, complete with a letter from the president of the foundation
  • "In fact after reading [the president's] letter, I was motivated to come up with my own elevator pitch instead of the usual FreeBSD is like Linux, only better!"
  • It talks about the FreeBSD journal as being one of the most exciting things they've launched this year, conferences they funded and various bits of sponsored code that went into -CURRENT
  • The full list of funded projects is included, also with details in the financial reports
  • There are also a number of conference wrap-ups: NYCBSDCon, BSDCan, AsiaBSDCon and details about the upcoming EuroBSDCon
  • A new application page for travel grants to EuroBSDCon is also up

OpenBSD on an Intel NUC

  • A lot of people love small form factor PCs, and we love ones that can run BSD - so does the author of this write-up
  • The Intel NUC is a small, almost Mac Mini-like device that's pretty cheap and offers some nice specs
  • "The NUC has integrated Intel graphics (Intel HD Graphics 5000) which as an OpenBSD user is exactly what I wanted" - fully supported
  • The post goes into detail about PXE booting the installation and talks about his experiences

BAFUG presentation videos

  • A couple of talks from BAFUG, the Bay Area FreeBSD Users Group, were uploaded to YouTube
  • The first talk is by Craig Rodrigues about libvirt and bhyve integration
  • libvirt is a c library for interacting with various Hypervisors and virtualization technology - bhyve support was recently added
  • The second is by Adrian Chadd, titled "Upcoming RSS enhancements to the FreeBSD Network Stack"
  • Adrian also wrote a blog post that accompanies the video
  • We need more good quality BSD presentation videos!

TLS decompression

  • A new blog post from our buddy Ted Unangst, this time about a feature he recently removed from LibreSSL
  • The original commit message was just "decompress libressl" with no details - these are the missing details of that change
  • It talks about the different network layers where compression is applied and how code has to be refactored for that
  • "I might download a zip file (of png files!). The web server, if configured just wrong, can apply http compression to it. If it’s https, the TLS layer can compress it again. If I’m using an SSH tunnel, that can compress it. If it’s travelling over IPsec, it can get compressed again. It can get compressed again by IP compression. How many layers of compression do we really need?"

Special segment

The PC-BSD Tour

News Roundup

Introducing pkgfs

  • A new tool, pkgfs, was committed to FreeBSD -CURRENT
  • It's described as "a file system implementation for reading files out of a compressed tarball"
  • Users will now be able to view pkgng packages (or any compressed tarball) just like NFS, SMB, SSHFS, etc

BSDMag's July 2014 issue is out

  • Continuing their monthly release cycle, BSD Magazine has another issue for us
  • Topics include using Wireshark in a SAN environment, more GIMP image manipulation tutorials, an interview with Brett Davis about TrueNAS, an article about pkgng in DragonFlyBSD and a few other things
  • The PDF is free to download, as always

A new OpenSMTPD interview

  • Way back in episode three, we talked to Gilles and Eric from the OpenBSD team about OpenSMTPD
  • One of the developers gave a text-only interview with a Russian website about some recent activity
  • It talks about their development process, testing the code on various platforms and architectures, stress testing via the "Twitter flash mob" and a few other things

FreeBSD as a syslog server

  • If you have a large number of servers, examining their logs individually is a pain
  • Fortunately, you can configure them to send their logs to a dedicated system to receive them
  • This blog post goes through the process of setting up the "client" systems as well as the "server" system to get all your logs in one place


  • All the tutorials are posted in their entirety at
  • Send questions, comments, show ideas/topics, or stories you want mentioned on the show to
  • If you want to come on for an interview or have a tutorial you'd like to see, let us know
  • Watch live Wednesdays at 2:00PM Eastern (18:00 UTC)
  • An important notice: OpenBSD is moving to a new distributor in September, so between now and then is your last chance to buy any of the current shirts, CDs, mugs, posters - grab them now while you still can!

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