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Episode 053: It's HAMMER Time


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FreeBSD foundation's new IPSEC project

  • The FreeBSD foundation, along with Netgate, is sponsoring some new work on the IPSEC code
  • With bandwidth in the 10-40 gigabit per second range, the IPSEC stack needs to be brought up to modern standards in terms of encryption and performance
  • This new work will add AES-CTR and AES-GCM modes to FreeBSD's implementation, borrowing some code from OpenBSD
  • The updated stack will also support AES-NI for hardware-based encryption speed ups
  • It's expected to be completed by the end of September, and will also be in pfSense 2.2

NetBSD at Shimane Open Source Conference 2014

  • The Japanese NetBSD users group held a NetBSD booth at the Open Source Conference 2014 in Shimane on August 23
  • One of the developers has gathered a bunch of pictures from the event and wrote a fairly lengthy summary
  • They had NetBSD running on all sorts of devices, from Raspberry Pis to Sun Java Stations
  • Some visitors said that NetBSD had the most chaotic booth at the conference

pfSense 2.1.5 released

  • A new version of the pfSense 2.1 branch is out
  • Mostly a security-focused release, including three web UI fixes and the most recent OpenSSL fix (which FreeBSD has still not patched in -RELEASE after nearly a month)
  • It also includes many other bug fixes, check the blog post for the full list

Systems, Science and FreeBSD

  • Our friend George Neville-Neil gave a presentation at Microsoft Research
  • It's mainly about using FreeBSD as a platform for research, inside and outside of universities
  • The talk describes the OS and its features, ports, developer community, documentation, who uses BSD and much more

Interview - Reyk Floeter - / @reykfloeter

OpenBSD's HTTP daemon


A crash course on HAMMER FS

News Roundup

OpenBSD's rcctl tool usage

  • OpenBSD recently got a new tool for managing /etc/rc.conf.local in -current
  • Similar to FreeBSD's "sysrc" tool, it eliminates the need to manually edit rc.conf.local to enable or disable services
  • This blog post - from a BSD Now viewer - shows the typical usage of the new tool to alter the startup services
  • It won't make it to 5.6, but will be in 5.7 (next May)

pfSense mini-roundup

  • We found five interesting pfSense articles throughout the week and wanted to quickly mention them
  • The first item in our pfSense mini-roundup details how you can stream Netflix to in non-US countries using a "smart" DNS service
  • The second post talks about setting ip IPv6, in particular if Comcast is your ISP
  • The third one features pfSense on Softpedia, a more mainstream tech site
  • The fourth post describes how to filter HTTPS traffic with Squid and pfSense
  • The last article describes setting up a VPN using the "tinc" daemon and pfSense
  • It seems to be lesser known, compared to things like OpenVPN or SSH tunnels, so it's interesting to read about
  • This pfSense HQ website seems to have lots of other cool pfSense items, check it out

OpenBSD's new buffer cache

  • OpenBSD has traditionally used the tried-and-true LRU algorithm for buffer cache, but it has a few problems
  • Ted Unangst has just switched to a new algorithm in -current, partially based on 2Q, and details some of his work
  • Initial tests show positive results in terms of cache responsiveness
  • Check the post for all the fine details

BSDTalk episode 244

  • Another new BSDTalk is up and, this time around, Will Backman interviews Ken Moore, the developer of the new BSD desktop environment
  • They discuss the history of development, differences between it and other DEs, lots of topics
  • If you're more of a visual person, fear not, because...
  • We'll have Ken on next week, including a full "virtual walkthrough" of Lumina and its applications


  • All the tutorials are posted in their entirety at
  • We want to give a huge thank you to our viewer Toby for writing this week's tutorial
  • Send questions, comments, show ideas/topics, or stories you want mentioned on the show to
  • Watch live Wednesdays at 2:00PM Eastern (18:00 UTC)

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