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Episode 055: The Promised WLAN


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FreeBSD 10.1-BETA1 is out

  • The first maintenance update in the 10.x series of FreeBSD is on its way
  • Since we can't see a changelog yet, the 10-STABLE release notes offer a glimpse at some of the new features and fixes that will be included in 10.1
  • The vt driver was merged from -CURRENT, lots of drivers were updated, lots of bugs were fixed and bhyve also got many improvements from 11
  • Initial UEFI support, multithreaded softupdates for UFS and many more things were added
  • You can check the release schedule for the planned release dates
  • Details for the various forms of release media can be found in the announcement

Remote headless OpenBSD installation

  • A lot of server providers only offer a limited number of operating systems to be easily installed on their boxes
  • Sometimes you'll get lucky and they'll offer FreeBSD, but it's much harder to find ones that natively support other BSDs
  • This article shows how you can use a Linux-based rescue system, a RAM disk and QEMU to install OpenBSD on the bare metal of a server, headlessly and remotely
  • It required a few specific steps you'll want to take note of, but is extremely useful for those pesky hosting providers

Building a firewall appliance with pfSense

  • In this article, we learn how to easily set up a gateway and wireless access point with pfSense on a Netgate ALIX2C3 APU
  • After the author's modem died, he decided to look into a more do-it-yourself option with pf and a tiny router board
  • The hardware he used has gigabit ports and a BSD-compatible wireless card, as well as enough CPU power for a modest workload and a few services (OpenVPN, etc.)
  • There's a lot of great pictures of the hardware and detailed screenshots, definitely worth a look

Receive Side Scaling - UDP testing

  • Adrian Chadd has been working on RSS (Receive Side Scaling) in FreeBSD, and gives an update on the progress
  • He's using some quad core boxes with 10 gigabit ethernet for the tests
  • The post gives lots of stats and results from his network benchmark, as well as some interesting workarounds he had to do
  • He also provides some system configuration options, sysctl knobs, etc. (if you want to try it out)
  • And speaking of Adrian Chadd...

Interview - Adrian Chadd - / @erikarn

BSD on laptops, wifi, drivers, various topics

News Roundup

Sendmail removed from OpenBSD

  • Mail server admins around the world are rejoicing, because sendmail is finally gone from OpenBSD
  • With OpenSMTPD being a part of the base system, sendmail became largely redundant and unneeded
  • If you've ever compared a "" file to an "smtpd.conf" file... the different is as clear as night and day
  • 5.6 will serve as a transitional release, including both sendmail and OpenSMTPD, but 5.7 will be the first release without it
  • If you still need it for some reason, sendmail will live in ports from now on
  • Hopefully FreeBSD will follow suit sometime in the future as well, possibly including DragonFly's mail transfer agent in base (instead of an entire mail server)

pfSense backups with pfmb

  • We've mentioned the need for a tool to back up pfSense configs a number of times on the show
  • This script, hosted on github, does pretty much exactly that
  • It can connect to one (or more!) pfSense installations and back up the configuration
  • You can roll back or replace failed hardware very easily with its restore function
  • Everything is done over SSH, so it should be pretty secure

The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System

  • We mentioned when the pre orders were up, but now "The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System, 2nd edition" seems to be shipping out
  • If you're interested in FreeBSD development, or learning about the operating system internals, this is a great book to buy
  • We've even had all three authors on the show before!

OpenBSD's systemd replacement updates

  • We mentioned last week that the news of OpenBSD creating systemd wrappers was getting mainstream attention
  • One of the developers writes in to Undeadly, detailing what's going on and what the overall status is
  • He also clears up any confusion about "porting systemd to BSD" (that's not what's going on) or his code ever ending up in base (it won't)
  • The top comment as of right now is a Linux user asking if his systemd wrappers can be ported back to Linux... poor guy


  • All the tutorials are posted in their entirety at
  • Send questions, comments, show ideas/topics, or stories you want mentioned on the show to - we'd love to hear from you!
  • Last week we mentioned that Ken was looking for help to port Lumina to other BSDs, and now it's been done for OpenBSD and DragonFly - so now you can try it out there too
  • We'll be at EuroBSDCon soon, so there will be a prerecorded episode next week
  • When we're not in Europe, you can usually watch live Wednesdays at 2:00PM Eastern (18:00 UTC)
  • Hopefully the presentations will be recorded and uploaded this time, unlike last year

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New discussion segment


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How did you get into BSD?


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