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Episode 106: Multipath TCP


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Backing out changes doesn.t always pinpoint the problem

  • Peter Wemm brings us a fascinating look at debugging an issue which occurred on the FreeBSD build cluster recently.
  • Bottom line? Backing out something isn.t necessarily the fix, rather it should be apart of the diagnostic process
  • In this particular case, a change to some mmap() functionality ended up exposing a bug in the kernel.s page fault handler which existed since (wait for it.) 1997!
  • As Peter mentions at the bottom of the Article, this bug had been showing up for years, but was sporadic and often written off as a networking hiccup.

BSD Router Project benchmarks new routing changes to FreeBSD

[When is SSL not SSL?] (

  • Our buddy Ted has a good write-up on a weird situation related to licensing of stunnel and LibreSSL
  • The problem exists due to stunnel being released with a different license, that is technically incompatible with the GPL, as well as linking against non-OpenSSL versions.
  • The author has also decided to create specific named exceptions when the *SSL lib is part of the base operating system, but does not personally consider LibreSSL as a valid linking target on its own
  • Ted points out that the LibreSSL team considers LibreSSL == OpenSSL, so this may be a moot concern

Update on systembsd

  • mentioned the GSoC project to create a SystemD shim in OpenBSD before. Now we have the slides from Ian Sutton talking about this project.
  • As a refresher, this project is to take DBUS and create daemons emulating various systemd components, such as hostnamed, localed, timedated, and friends.
  • Written from scratch in C, it was mainly created in the hopes of becoming a port, allowing Gnome and related tools to function on OpenBSD.
  • This is a good read, especially for current or aspiring porters who want to bring over newer versions of applications which now depend upon SystemD.

Interview - Nigel Williams -

Multipath TCP

News Roundup

OpenBSD UEFI boot loader

  • mentioned the ongoing work to bring UEFI booting to OpenBSD and it looks like this has now landed in the tree
  • The .fdisk. utility has also been updated with a new -b flag, when used with .-i. will create the special EFI system partition on amd64/i386 . (
  • Some twitter benchmarks

FreeBSD Journal, July/August issue

  • The latest issue of the FreeBSD Journal has arrived
  • As always, the Journal opens with a letter from the FreeBSD Foundation
  • Feature Articles:
  • Groupon's Deal on FreeBSD -- How to drive adoption of FreeBSD at your organization, and lessons learned in retraining Linux sysadmins
  • FreeBSD: The Isilon Experience -- Mistakes not to make when basing a product on FreeBSD. TL;DR: track head
  • Reflections on Packages -- A status update on where we are with binary packages, what issues have been overcome, and which still remain
  • Inside the Foundation -- An overview of some of the things you might not be aware that the FreeBSD Foundation is doing to support the project and attract the next generation of committers
  • Includes a book review of .The Practise of System and Network Administration.
  • As usual, various other reports are included: The Ports Report, SVN Update, A conference report, a report from the Essen hackathon, and the Event Calendar

Building ARMv6 packages on FreeBSD, the easy way

  • Previously we have discussed how to build ARMv6 packages on FreeBSD
  • We also interviewed Sean Bruno about his work in this area
  • Thankfully, over time this process has been simplified, and no longer requires a lot of manual configuration, or fussing with the .image activator.
  • Now, you can just build packages for your Raspberry Pi or similar device, just as simply as you would build for x86, it just takes longer to build.

New PC-BSD Release Schedule

  • The PC-BSD Team has announce an updated release schedule for beyond 10.2
  • This schedule follows more closely the FreeBSD schedules, with major releases only occurring when FreeBSD does the next point update, or major version bump.
  • PC-BSD.s source tree has been split into master(current) and stable as well
  • PRODUCTION / EDGE packages will be built from stable, with PRODUCTION updated monthly now. The -CURRENT monthly images will contain the master source builds.


  • A BSDCon down in Brazil is being organized. To get in touch with the folks behind it, checkthem out on twitter @bsdconbr (
  • Send questions, comments, show ideas/topics, or stories you want mentioned on the show to

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