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BSD Now is a weekly video podcast created by three guys who love BSD. We cover the latest news andhave an extensive series of tutorials, as well as interviews with various people from all areas of the BSD community. It also serves as a platform for support and questions.

We love and advocate FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD and TrueOS. Our show aims to be helpful and informative for new users that want to learn about them, but still be entertaining for the people who are already pros.

The show airs on Wednesdays at 2:00PM (US Eastern time) and the edited version is usually up the following day. You can find our complete list of episodes here.

Watch the news section on the right for updates and check the top-right corner of the page for RSS feeds.

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Latest News

New announcement


We understand that Michael Dexter, Brad Davis, and George Rosamond think there should be more real news....

Two Year Anniversary


We're quickly approaching our two-year anniversary, which will be on episode 105. To celebrate, we've created a unique t-shirt design, available for purchase until the end of August. Shirts will be shipped out around September 1st. Most of the proceeds will support the show, and specifically allow us to buy...

New discussion segment


We're thinking about adding a new segment to the show where we discuss a topic that the listeners suggest. It's meant to be informative like a tutorial, but more of a "free discussion" format. If you have any subjects you want us to explore, or even just a good name...

How did you get into BSD?


We've got a fun idea for the holidays this year: just like we ask during the interviews, we want to hear how all the viewers and listeners first got into BSD. Email us your story, either written or a video version, and we'll read and play some of them for...

Episode 005: Stacks of Cache


Direct Download: Video | HD Video | MP3 Audio | OGG Audio | Torrent Headlines FreeBSD 9.2 released FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE is finally out Highlights include ZFS TRIM and LZ4 support, virtio drivers, dtrace and OpenSSH updates as well as lots of driver improvements Will be supported until 2014-09-30 Get out there and freebsd-update or buildworld! Four new NetBSD...

Episode 004: Teskeing the Possibilities


Direct Download: Video | HD Video | MP3 Audio | OGG Audio | Torrent Interview - Devin Teske - / @devinteske bsdconfig, bsdinstall, sysrc and fdpv All the tutorials are posted in their entirety at Send questions, comments, show ideas/topics, etc to We don’t check YouTube comments, JB comments, Reddit, etc. If you...

Episode 003: MX with TTX


Direct Download: Video | HD Video | MP3 Audio | OGG Audio | Torrent Headlines pfSense 2.1-RELEASE is out Now based on FreeBSD 8.3 Lots of IPv6 features added Security updates, bug fixes, driver updates PBI package support Way too many updates to list, see the full list New kernel based iSCSI stack comes to FreeBSD Brief explanation of iSCSI This...

Episode 002: Engineering and Powder Kegs


Direct Download: Video | HD Video | MP3 Audio | OGG Audio | Torrent Headlines 64bit time in OpenBSD Many operating systems face an upcoming challenge, similar to (but more complicated than) Y2K: Y2038. All of the BSDs and most other operating systems track time by counting the seconds since Jan 1st, 1970. In...

Episode 001: BGP & BSD


Direct Download: Video | HD Video | MP3 Audio | OGG Audio | Torrent Headlines Radeon KMS commited Committed by Jean-Sebastien Pedron Brings kernel mode setting to -CURRENT, will be in 10.0-RELEASE (ETA 12/2013) 10-STABLE is expected to be branched in October, to begin the process of stabilizing development Initial testing shows it works well May be merged...