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BSD Now is a weekly video podcast dedicated to spreading the word about the BSD family of operating systems, as well as keeping those who are already aware up to date with the latest news and developments.


Allan (@allanjude | 0x5125929F)

  • VP for Operations at ScaleEngine Inc.
  • Also hosts a sysadmin podcast TechSNAP
  • Has been a professional FreeBSD sysadmin for 12 years
  • Currently working on an update to the ZFS chapter of the FreeBSD Handbook
  • Speaker at a number of BSD conferences around the world

Kris (@pcbsdkris | 0x30577CD7)

  • Founder & Lead Developer of the PC-BSD project
  • Speaker at BSD & Linux conferences across the world
  • Frequent contributor to BSD Magazine
  • Developer on a variety of *NIX platforms for 13+ years

Writer / Producer

TJ (@blakkheim | 0xA8FE706F)

  • Behind the scenes guy at BSD Now
  • Writes the tutorials and show notes
  • Organizes the show and responds to your emails
  • Frequent ports contributor
  • Loves teaching about any BSD topic

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Latest News

AsiaBSDCon 2014


Both Allan and Kris will be going to AsiaBSDCon this year, so episode 28 will be shorter than usual. We'll be back the following week with a huge episode. Hopefully they can get some interviews there!...

Christmas & New Year


Episode 16 was just uploaded, and that's the last one we'll be doing live for this year. Episode 17 will be on Christmas, and feature a prerecorded interview with Scott Long about his BSD magic over at Netflix. Thanks for watching everyone! We look forward to more BSD Now in...

Welcome iXsystems


As you may have noticed in Episode 015, BSD Now has gotten our first sponsor! We're very happy to welcome iXsystems to the BSD Now team. In case you aren't familiar with them, they have quite a long history with FreeBSD. Their current CTO is in fact Jordan Hubbard, one of...

Update 2013/11/26


Hi BSD Now fans. Here's a sneak peek at our upcoming schedule: 11/27: Jordan Hubbard, co-founder of FreeBSD and creator of ports, to talk about FreeBSD's founding and future. The tutorial will be an update to the OpenBSD router guide with some new improvements I've made. 12/04: George Wilson from Delphix...

Episode 033: Certified Package Delivery


This episode was brought to you by Headlines BSDCan schedule, speakers and talks This year's BSDCan will kick off on May 14th in Ottawa The list of speakers is also out And finally the talks everyone's looking forward to Lots of great tutorials and talks, spanning a wide range of topics of interest Be sure to come...

Episode 032: PXE Dust


Direct Download: Video | HD Video | MP3 Audio | OGG Audio | Torrent This episode was brought to you by Headlines FreeBSD ASLR status update Shawn Webb gives us a little update on his address space layout randomization work for FreeBSD He's implemented execbase randomization for position-independent executables (which OpenBSD also just enabled globally in...

Episode 031: Edgy BSD Users


Direct Download: Video | HD Video | MP3 Audio | OGG Audio | Torrent This episode was brought to you by Headlines Preorders for cool BSD stuff The 2nd edition of The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System is up for preorder We talked to GNN briefly about it, but he and Kirk have...

Episode 030: Documentation is King


Direct Download: Video | HD Video | MP3 Audio | OGG Audio | Torrent This episode was brought to you by Headlines OpenBSD on a Sun T5120 Our buddy Ted Unangst got himself a cool Sun box Of course he had to write a post about installing and running OpenBSD on it The post goes through some...