Mariusz Zaborski

Special guest

Mariusz Zaborski, also known as oshogbo, is a Polish software developer. HIs main areas of interest are OS security and low-level programming. During the day he works as a manager and a software developer at Fudo Security. Mariusz leads a team in developing solutions to monitor, record and control network traffic in an IT infrastructure – the best PAM solution in the world.

In his free time he also contributes to the open source community. He's a FreeBSD committer since 2015, and his main work with FreeBSD is focused, but not limited to, creating infrastructure around Capsicum, a process sandboxing technique based on capabilities. He's also a successful student of the Google Summer of Code 2013 for this project. Mariusz is a team member of vexillum group, a group of computer enthusiasts. In the past they participated in some GameDev competitions with success. In 2018, with friends from Fudo Security, Mariusz started a Polish BSD User Group (BSD-PL), which holds meetings every month. In 2019 they also started a security meetup - No Such Meetup.

His github profile can be found here,

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