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Created by three guys who love BSD, we cover the latest news and have an extensive series of tutorials, as well as interviews with various people from all areas of the BSD community. It also serves as a platform for support and questions. We love and advocate FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD and TrueOS. Our show aims to be helpful and informative for new users that want to learn about them, but still be entertaining for the people who are already pros.

The show airs on Wednesdays at 2:00PM (US Eastern time) and the edited version is usually up the following day.

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  • 323: OSI Burrito Guy

    November 7th, 2019  |  49 mins 22 secs
    7 layer, blacklistd, bolt, bsd, cms, code, dragonflybsd, fail2ban, freebsd, guide, hammer2, hardenedbsd, howto, https2, interview, lets encrypt, netbsd, nginx, npf, openbsd, osi, trident, trueos, tutorial, unix

    The earliest Unix code, how to replace fail2ban with blacklistd, OpenBSD crossed 400k commits, how to install Bolt CMS on FreeBSD, optimized hammer2, appeasing the OSI 7-layer burrito guys, and more.

  • 322: Happy Birthday, Unix

    October 31st, 2019  |  1 hr 7 mins
    50 years unix, bsd, dragonflybsd, freebsd, ghostbsd, guide, hardenedbsd, howto, interview, netbsd, openbsd, openssh, opnsense, pdp, pdp 7, release, ssh, sshuttle, trident, trueos, tutorial, unix, vpn, vpn over ssh

    Unix is 50, Hunting down Ken's PDP-7, OpenBSD and OPNSense have new releases, Clarification on what GhostBSD is, sshuttle - VPN over SSH, and more.

  • 321: The Robot OS

    October 23rd, 2019  |  55 mins 16 secs
    bsd, dragonflybsd, freebsd, guide, hardenedbsd, howto, interview, ken thompson, netbsd, openbsd, pdp 7, pdp-7, release, source code, trident, trueos, tutorial, unix at 50, unix code

    An interview with Trenton Schulz about his early days with FreeBSD, Robot OS, Qt, and more.

  • 320: Codebase: Neck Deep

    October 16th, 2019  |  56 mins 41 secs
    bsd, case study, dragonflybsd, freebsd, fsck, google pixelbook, guide, hammer2, hardenedbsd, howto, interview, ka9q, netbsd, openbsd, performance, pixelbook, portability, porting, quota, quota limits, startx, trident, trueos, tutorial, unix, zfs, zfs performance, zfs quota

    FreeBSD on the Google Pixelbook, Porting NetBSD to the AMD x86-64, ZFS performance really does degrade as you approach quota limits, Fixing up KA9Q-unix, HAMMER2 and fsck for review, the return of startx(1) for non-root users, and more.

  • 319: Lack Rack, Jack

    October 9th, 2019  |  1 hr 7 mins
    assembly, assembly programming, bsd, dragonflybsd, freebsd, guide, hardenedbsd, howto, ikea, lsblk, netbsd, omnios, omnios lts, openbsd, programming, programming tutorial, project trident, rack, server rack, trident, trueos, tutorial, untitled 1interview, zfs

    Causing ZFS corruption for fun, NetBSD Assembly Programming Tutorial, The IKEA Lack Rack for Servers, a new OmniOS Community Edition LTS has been published, List Block Devices on FreeBSD lsblk(8) Style, Project Trident 19.10 available, and more.

  • 318: The TrueNAS Library

    October 2nd, 2019  |  46 mins 40 secs
    amd, benchmark, bsd, digital archives, digital library, dragonflybsd, freebsd, guide, hardenedbsd, howto, interview, netbsd, obscure tools, openbsd, presidential archive, presidential library, project trident, ryzen, ryzen 7, ryzen 7 3700x, trident, trip report, truenas, trueos, tutorial, unix, unix artifacts, vbsdcon, x11

    DragonFlyBSD vs. FreeBSD vs. Linux benchmark on Ryzen 7, JFK Presidential Library chooses TrueNAS for digital archives, FreeBSD 12.1-beta is available, cool but obscure X11 tools, vBSDcon trip report, Project Trident 12-U7 is available, a couple new Unix artifacts, and more.

  • 317: Bots Building Jails

    September 25th, 2019  |  52 mins 36 secs
    amateur packet radio, amateur radio, bsd, buildbot, dovecot, dragonflybsd, file system check, filesystem, freebsd, fsck, guide, hammer2, hardenedbsd, howto, interview, jails, mail, mailserver, netbsd, openbsd, opensmtp, packet radio, rspamd, startx, trident, trueos, tutorial

    Setting up buildbot in FreeBSD jails, Set up a mail server with OpenSMTPD, Dovecot and Rspamd, OpenBSD amateur packet radio with HamBSD, DragonFlyBSD's HAMMER2 gets fsck, return of startx for users.

  • 316: git commit FreeBSD

    September 18th, 2019  |  1 hr 5 mins
    ada, bsd, core team, cost savings, dragonflybsd, freebsd, game launcher, gdb, git, git transition, guide, hardenedbsd, homura, howto, interview, llvm, llvm sanitizers, netbsd, openbsd, regression test, sanitizers, trident, trueos, tutorial, windows game

    NetBSD LLVM sanitizers and GDB regression test suite, Ada—The Language of Cost Savings, Homura - a Windows Games Launcher for FreeBSD, FreeBSD core team appoints a WG to explore transition to Git, OpenBSD 6.6 Beta tagged, Project Trident 12-U5 update now available, and more.

  • 315: Recapping vBSDcon 2019

    September 11th, 2019  |  1 hr 16 mins
    bsd, configuration, configure, dragonflybsd, fan-less, fanless, freebsd, guide, hardenedbsd, hg, hg server, howto, humungus, infinitybook, interview, netbsd, network dump, openbsd, trident, trueos, tutorial, tuxedo, tuxedo infinitybook, vbsdcon 2019

    vBSDcon 2019 recap, Unix at 50, OpenBSD on fan-less Tuxedo InfinityBook, humungus - an hg server, how to configure a network dump in FreeBSD, and more.

  • 314: Swap that Space

    September 4th, 2019  |  48 mins 28 secs
    bsd, dragonflybsd, dsynth, freebsd, gsoc, guide, hardenedbsd, howto, interview, netbsd, openbsd, servers, steam, streaming, swap, swap space, trident, trueos, tutorial, virtual memory, vm, workstation

    Unix virtual memory when you have no swap space, Dsynth details on Dragonfly, Instant Workstation on FreeBSD, new servers new tech, Experimenting with streaming setups on NetBSD, NetBSD’s progress towards Steam support thanks to GSoC, and more.

  • 313: In-Kernel TLS

    August 28th, 2019  |  55 mins 12 secs
    boot environment, bsd, dragonflybsd, freebsd, guide, hardenedbsd, howto, install, installation, interview, kernel tls, ktls, macbook, netbsd, openbsd, project trident, thinkpad, tls, trident, trueos, tutorial, vbsdcon, x1 carbon

    OpenBSD on 7th gen Thinkpad X1 Carbon, how to install FreeBSD on a MacBook, Kernel portion of in-kernel TLS (KTLS), Boot Environments on DragonflyBSD, Project Trident Updates, vBSDcon schedule, and more.

  • 312: Why Package Managers

    August 21st, 2019  |  1 hr 12 mins
    bsd, dragonflybsd, evaluation, freebsd, guide, hardenedbsd, howto, interview, netbsd, openbsd, package manager, philosophy, pinebook pro, porting, process, syzkaller, touchpad, trident, trueos, tutorial, wine

    The UNIX Philosophy in 2019, why use package managers, touchpad interrupted, Porting wine to amd64 on NetBSD second evaluation report, Enhancing Syzkaller Support for NetBSD, all about the Pinebook Pro, killing a process and all of its descendants, fast software the best software, and more.