Episode 283

Graphical Interface-View


January 31st, 2019

46 mins 44 secs

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About this Episode

We’re at FOSDEM 2019 this week having fun. We’d never leave you in a lurch, so we have recorded an interview with Niclas Zeising of the FreeBSD graphics team for you. Enjoy.

##Interview - Niclas Zeising - zeising@FreeBSD.org / @niclaszeising
Interview topic: FreeBSD Graphics Stack

  • BR: Welcome Niclas. Since this is your first time on BSDNow, can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you started with Unix/BSD?
  • AJ: What made you start working in the FreeBSD graphics stack?
  • BR: What is the current status with the FreeBSD graphics stack?
  • AJ: What challenges do you face in the FreeBSD graphics stack?
  • BR: How many people are working in the graphics team and what kind of help do you need there?
  • AJ: You’re also involved in FreeBSD ports and held a poudriere tutorial at last years EuroBSDcon. What kind of feedback did you get and will you give that tutorial again?
  • BR: You’ve been organizing the Stockholm BSD user group meeting. Can you tell us a bit about that, what’s involved, how is it structured?
  • AJ: What conferences do you go to where people could talk to you?
  • BR: Is there anything else you’d like to mention before we let you go?


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