Episode 354

ZFS safekeeps data


June 11th, 2020

35 mins 7 secs

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About this Episode

FreeBSD 11.4-RC 2 available, OpenBSD 6.7 on a PineBook Pro 64, How OpenZFS Keeps Your Data Safe, Bringing FreeBSD to EC2, FreeBSD 2020 Community Survey, and more.

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FreeBSD 11.4-RC2 Now Available

The second RC build of the 11.4-RELEASE release cycle is now available.

Install OpenBSD 6.7-current on a PineBook Pro 64

This document is work in progress and I'll update the date above once I change something. If you have something to add, remarks, etc please contact me. Preferably via Mastodon but other means of communication are also fine.

News Roundup

Understanding How OpenZFS Keeps Your Data Safe

Veteran technology writer Jim Salter wrote an excellent guide on the ZFS file system’s features and performance that we absolutely had to share. There’s plenty of information in the article for ZFS newbies and advanced users alike. Be sure to check out the article over at Ars Technica to learn more about ZFS concepts including pools, vdevs, datasets, snapshots, and replication, just to name a few.

Bringing FreeBSD to ec2

Colin is the founder of Tarsnap, a secure online backup service which combines the flexibility and scriptability of the standard UNIX "tar" utility with strong encryption, deduplication, and the reliability of Amazon S3 storage. Having started work on Tarsnap in 2006, Colin is among the first generation of users of Amazon Web Services, and has written dozens of articles about his experiences with AWS on his blog.

FreeBSD 2020 Community Survey

The FreeBSD Core Team invites you to complete the 2020 FreeBSD Community Survey. The purpose of this survey is to collect quantitative data from the public in order to help guide the project’s priorities and efforts. This is only the second time a survey has been conducted by the FreeBSD Project and your input is valued.
The survey will remain open for 14 days and will close on June 16th at 17:00 UTC (Tuesday 10am PDT).

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