Episode 387

OpenBSD Broadcast Studio


January 28th, 2021

43 mins 11 secs

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About this Episode

GNN's tips for surviving Cabin Fever and Coding from Home, Self-host a password manager on OpenBSD, Preliminary OpenBSD Support added to OBS, Dan's CURL tip of the Day, List of some Shell goodies for OpenBSD, and more

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GNN's tips for surviving Cabin Fever and Coding from Home

Forgive me if this seems off topic, but I was wondering if you had any advice for the majority of us who are now KFH (koding from home). I don't know how KV works day to day, but it seems pretty clear that the status quo has changed at most workplaces in the last several months, and it's hard to know if there are things we could be doing to stay productive while we're all at home, ordering delivery, and microwaving our mail. Does KV have any good guidance?

Self-host a password manager on OpenBSD

I’ve been using Rubywarden to store and access my passwords from OpenBSD workstations and iOS toys. But recent redondant failures from the iOS App and rubywarden not being maintained anymore led to the need for a new solution.
I was investing on pass+pgp+git but it was quite complex.

News Roundup

Preliminary OpenBSD Support added to OBS

Dan's CURL tip of the Day

List of some Shell goodies for OpenBSD

I'm sharing here some practices I'm following and some small tips/tools which facilitate my usage of OpenBSD in my day to day.
Some are really specific to my usage, others could be re-used.

Beastie Bits

• [Traditional text mode games from BSD](https://github.com/msharov/bsd-games)
• [FreeBSD Easter Eggs](https://twitter.com/freebsdfrau/status/972893680473317377)
• [A prehistory and history of Unix Slide Deck](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1BxnFiP_Hv3HJbbYRfSxpTym7GzqxJPQlTE6Ur5h1Al8/edit#slide=id.g951f86c343_0_95)
• [How to use Android USB Tethering to get Internet on FreeBSD](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAEmtrEZlV8)
• [VPN'Othon #2 for CharmBUG](https://github.com/BSDNow/bsdnow.tv/blob/master/episodes/387/charmbug_event.md)


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• [John - new to freebsd](https://github.com/BSDNow/bsdnow.tv/blob/master/episodes/387/feedback/John%20-%20new%20to%20freebsd)

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