Episode 392

macOS inspired Desktop


March 4th, 2021

47 mins 26 secs

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FreeBSD 13 BETA Benchmarks, FreeBSD Jails Deep Dive by Klara Systems, FreeBSD Foundation looking for a Senior Arm Kernel Engineer & OSS Project Coordinator, macOS-Inspired BSD Desktop OS by helloSystem, A Trip into FreeBSD and more.

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FreeBSD 13 BETA Benchmarks - Performance Is Much Better

FreeBSD Jails – Deep Dive into the Beginning of FreeBSD Containers

In recent years, containers and virtualization have become a buzzword in the Linux community, especially with the rise of Docker and Kubernetes. What many people probably don’t realize is that these ideas have been around for a very long time. Today, we will be looking at Jails and how they became part of FreeBSD.

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