Episode 357

Study the Code


July 2nd, 2020

37 mins 59 secs

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OpenBSD 6.7 on PC Engines, NetBSD code study, DRM Update on OpenBSD, Booting FreeBSD on HPE Microserver SATA port, 3 ways to multiboot, and more.

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OpenBSD 6.7 on PC Engines APU4D4

I just got myself a PC Engines APU4D4. I miss an OpenBSD box providing home services. It’s quite simple to install and run OpenBSD on this machine. And you can even update the BIOS from OpenBSD.

NetBSD code study

News Roundup

Booting FreeBSD off the HPE MicroServer Gen8 ODD SATA port

My small homelab post generated a ton of questions and comments, most of them specific to running FreeBSD on the HP MicroServer. I’ll try and answer these over the coming week.
Josh Paxton emailed to ask how I got FreeBSD booting on it, given the unconventional booting limitations of the hardware. I thought I wrote about it a few years ago, but maybe it’s on my proverbial draft heap. If you’re impatient, the script is in my lunchbox.

3 ways to multiboot

multiboot installation of a BSD system with other operating systems
(OSs) on UEFI hardware is not officially supported by any of the

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