Episode 379

bhyve my guest


December 3rd, 2020

37 mins 19 secs

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Adventures in Freebernetes, tracing kernel functions, The better way of building FreeBSD networks, New beginnings: CDBUG virtual meetings, LibreSSL update in DragonFly, Signal-cli with scli on FreeBSD, and more.

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Adventures in Freebernetes: bhyve My Guest

Part 2 of experiments in FreeBSD and Kubernetes: Creating your first guest

Tracing Kernel Functions: FBT stack() and arg

In my previous post I described how FBT intercepts function calls and vectors them into the DTrace framework. That laid the foundation for what I want to discuss in this post: the implementation of the stack() action and built-in arg variables. These features rely on the precise layout of the stack, the details of which I touched on previously. In this post I hope to illuminate those details a bit more with the help of some visuals, and then guide you through the implementation of these two DTrace features as they relate to the FBT provider.

News Roundup

Dummynet: The Better Way of Building FreeBSD Networks

Dummynet is the FreeBSD traffic shaper, packet scheduler, and network emulator. Dummynet allows you to emulate a whole set of network environments in a straight-forward way. It has the ability to model delay, packet loss, and can act as a traffic shaper and policer. Dummynet is roughly equivalent to netem in Linux, but we have found that dummynet is easier to integrate and provides much more consistent results.

New beginnings: CDBUG virtual meetings

I had overwhelmingly positive responses from the broader *BSD community about restarting CDBUG meetings as virtual, at least for now. Hopefully this works well and even when we're back to in-person meetings we can still find a way to bring in virtual attendees.

LibreSSL update in DragonFly

DragonFly has a new version of libressl, noting cause it has a newer TLS1.3 implementation – something that may be necessary for you.

Signal-cli with scli on FreeBSD

So couple of days ago I migrated from macOS on Macbook Pro to FreeBSD on ThinkPad T480s.

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