Episode 409

The Filesystem Dungeon


July 1st, 2021

52 mins 3 secs

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About this Episode

DTrace network probes, next 50 years of shell programming, NetBSD on the Vortex86DX CPU, system CPU time in top, your filesystem as a dungeon, diving into toolchains, and more

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DTrace Network Probes

Unix Shell Programming: The Next 50 Years

News Roundup

NetBSD on the Vortex86DX CPU

System CPU time – ‘sys’ time in top

rpg-cli —your filesystem as a dungeon!

Diving into toolchains


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• [CY - Portable Patch Util](https://github.com/BSDNow/bsdnow.tv/blob/master/episodes/409/feedback/CY%20-%20Portable%20Patch%20Util)
• [Denis - State of ZFS Ecosystem](https://github.com/BSDNow/bsdnow.tv/blob/master/episodes/409/feedback/Denis%20-%20State%20of%20ZFS%20Ecosystem)

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