Episode 433

GhostBSD of Christmas


December 16th, 2021

29 mins 18 secs

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About this Episode

GhostBSD 21.11.24 ISO available, why v7 matters so much, OpenBSD on VIA Eden X2 powered HP t510 Thin Client, OctoPkg GUI Package Manager, chdir(2) support in posix_spawn(3), install doas on FreeBSD, Access Modem's Web Interface with OPNsense, and more

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GhostBSD 21.11.24 ISO is now available

Why v7 matters so much

News Roundup

OpenBSD on the VIA Eden X2 powered HP t510 Thin Client

OctoPkg: A Great GUI Package Manager In FreeBSD

Project Report: Add support for chdir(2) support in posix_spawn(3)

How To Install doas in FreeBSD 13

How to Access Your Modem's Web Interface with OPNsense


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