Episode 458

Traceroute interpretation


June 9th, 2022

48 mins 41 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Fundamentals of the FreeBSD Shell, Spammers in the Public Cloud, locking user accounts properly, overgrowth on NetBSD, moreutils, ctwm & spleen, interpreting a traceroute, and more

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Fundamentals of the FreeBSD Shell

Spammers in the Public Cloud, Protected by SPF; Intensified Password Groping Still Ongoing; Spamware Hawked to Spamtraps

News Roundup

A cautionary tale about locking Linux & FreeBSD user accounts

Overgrowth runs on NetBSD


NetBSD, CTWM, and Spleen

How to properly interpret a traceroute or mtr


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Lets talk a bit about some of the events happening this year, BSDCan in virtual this weekend, emfcamp is this weekend too and in person, MCH is this summer and eurobsdcon is in september. How were the postgres conferences benedict?

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