Episode 474

EuroBSDcon 2022


September 29th, 2022

46 mins 13 secs

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About this Episode

Deploying FreeBSD on Oracle Cloud, A Tale of 300,000 Imaginary Friends, EuroBSDcon 2022 recap, OpenBSD Mastery: Filesystems” Status Report, OpenBGPD 7.6 Released, immutable userland mappings, Portable OpenSSH commits now SSH-signed, and more.

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Deploying FreeBSD on Oracle Cloud

The Things Spammers Believe - A Tale of 300,000 Imaginary Friends

EuroBSDcon 2022

News Roundup

“OpenBSD Mastery: Filesystems” Status Report

OpenBGPD 7.6 Released

OpenBSD may soon gain further memory protections: immutable userland mappings

Portable OpenSSH commits now SSH-signed


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