Episode 506

A greener BSD


May 11th, 2023

32 mins 4 secs

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About this Episode

Comparing Modern Open-Source Storage Solutions, FreeBSD Q1 Status Report, Hello Systems 0.8.1 Release, OpenBSD: Managing an inverter/converter with NUT, Tips for Running a Greener FreeBSD, BSDCAN Registration open

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Comparing Modern Open-Source Storage Solutions OpenZFS vs. The Rest

FreeBSD Q1 Status Report

News Roundup

Hello Systems 0.8.1 Release

OpenBSD: Managing an inverter/converter with NUT

Celebrating Earth Day: Tips for Running a Greener FreeBSD

BSDCAN Registration

Beastie Bits

• [SimCity 2000 running on OpenBSD 7.3 via DOSBox 0.74-3](https://www.reddit.com/r/openbsd_gaming/comments/12k9zt2/simcity_2000_running_on_openbsd_73_via_dosbox_0743/)
• [OpenBSD Webzine #13](https://webzine.puffy.cafe/issue-13.html)
• [AWS Gazo bot](https://github.com/csaltos/aws-gazo-bot)


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