Episode 526

ZFS Replication Tools


September 28th, 2023

46 mins 49 secs

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About this Episode

Why DNS is still hard to learn, Unix support 50 years ago, ZFS Replication tools, Between ISA and PCI, PCs had EISA and VLB, Old Computer Challenge v3, and more

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Why DNS is still hard to learn

Unix support 50 years ago: “your only source of information is a 2-man operation an ocean away”

News Roundup

ZFS Replication tools

Between ISA and PCI, PCs had EISA and VLB

Old Computer Challenge v3: postmortem

Beastie Bits

• [Installing and Using Research Unix Version 7 on the OpenSIMH PDP-11 Emulator](https://decuser.github.io/unix/research-unix/v7/videos/2023/07/14/installing-and-using-research-unix-v7-in-open-simh-video.html)
• [Cheat Sheets](https://github.com/cheat/cheatsheets/tree/master)
• [Introducing BSD Cafe](https://www.reddit.com/r/BSD/comments/15rt7em/introducing_the_bsdcafe/)
• [Keystroke timing obfuscation added to ssh(1)](http://undeadly.org/cgi?action=article;sid=20230829051257)


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