Episode 548

NTP - In Memoriam


February 29th, 2024

56 mins 59 secs

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About this Episode

FreeBSD Status Report Q4 2023, In Memorium of the NTP inventor, Migrate a FreeBSD bhyve virtual machine to OmniOS, AI-free blog, Hard disk LEDs and Noisy Machines, SSH based comment system, NetBSD 10 RC.4 is available, and more


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FreeBSD Status Report Fourth Quarter 2023

In Memoriam : Inventor of NTP protocol that keeps time on billions of devices dies at age 85

News Roundup

Migrate a FreeBSD bhyve virtual machine to OmniOS

This blog is AI free

Hard disk LEDs and Noisy Machines

SSH based comment system

NetBSD 10 RC.4 is available

Beastie Bits


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